About us

Marlin Coast swimming club prides itself on being a family friendly and welcoming swimming club that helps children and young people achieve their swimming goals.

Our values

The Marlin Way: Committed, Respectful, Passionate, Supportive, Accountable 

Your committee

Club members are welcome to contact the committee with any queries.  General inquiries should be emailed to the Club Secretary.

  • President - Ramayana Loveridge
  • Vice President (and Head Coach) - Troy Gazzola: contact Troy about all matters relating to training
  • Registrar - Marilyn Woods
  • Race Secretary - Toni Bartley, contact Toni about upcoming swim carnivals and race registrations
  • Treasurer - Kellie Vickers
  • Secretary - Salli Graham
  • Junior Liaison Officer - Scott O'Neile: contact Scott to learn more about becoming a new club member
  • Uniform Officer - Scott O'Neile
  • Committee member - Yumi Macrae

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